You Are (not) MINE!

It’s our busy season here at Cherry City Waxworks and last-minute schedulers can’t always get in with their favorite waxer.  Recently, a client of mine confessed to me that she’d gone somewhere else because she couldn’t get in to see me. She felt so guilty about seeing someone else that, instead of seeing one of our other waxers, she went somewhere else entirely.

She told me about the experience and…well…it wasn’t Cherry City Waxworks. She said that she missed the entire Cherry City Waxworks experience and she would never “cheat” on me again.

I was surprised that she wasn’t comfortable seeing someone else here.  Sometimes I forget that people will go to extreme measures to prevent offending others.  She’s paying for a service and she didn’t want to upset me by “cheating” on me??? That is not okay!

We have quite a different philosophy at Cherry City Waxworks. When I hire a new employee, we always have a discussion about how all of the clients at Cherry City Waxworks are free to see whoever they choose. There is no such thing as “my client” or “your client.” Our job at Cherry City Waxworks, and that means everyone from me, to the front desk staff, to the Estheticians, is to serve the client. So that means we would never expect a client to rearrange their schedule to accommodate us. On the contrary, we want to be as available as possible to each client so that they can always get the service that they want, when they want. You dig?

Now, of course we have clients that have their favorite waxer and ONLY want to see that person forever. We love that, and we want our clients to feel connected to us. That connection is what makes us so special (in my opinion). But we also have many, many clients who don’t care who they see for a wax. They just want to get in at a certain time and get it done. We love that too! To me, that says that we are all doing a great job and offering a consistently great service. I think it’s fabulous when a longtime client calls to make an appointment and says: “I don’t care who I see. Everyone is great.” Fantastic!

Waxing is a personal business. Most of the time, a client will visit us and have a terrific connection with their waxer. At the end of the appointment they are laughing and smiling and setting a date for mani/pedis (ok, mild exaggeration). But if for some reason a client doesn’t connect 100% with their waxer, there is an easy solution: try another waxer! Seriously! It should be easy to find the perfect waxer for every client that walks through our doors.

So, in a nutshell, it’s your dime, people. We encourage you to come and see whoever you choose. Do you want to get your brows done only by one particular Esthetician? Great, let’s get you booked with her. Would you rather rotate through every single one of our team? Fabulous! That’s what I do! Whatever the case may be, it’s always important to remember that we are here for you, and to make your experience with us amazing, not the other way around. You are our guest and we always want you to feel welcome and cared for.





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