Words of Power – Indulge

Mirriam-Webster defines indulge as to give free reign to; to take unrestrained pleasure inindulge-147b

I love the word indulge.  It just sounds decadent, even a little naughty.


I don’t think we indulge ourselves enough, or for the right reasons.  We feel we have to justify indulgence, like it’s a guilty pleasure. Indulging is reserved only for special occasions. Why? Why do we feel we have to make an excuse for indulgence? Why can’t we indulge ourselves just because?

February is always an interesting month around here.  Valentine’s Day gets everyone making a little extra effort to look good for their partners.  People are also taking mid-winter vacations to warm and sunny places. Swapping sweaters and boots for lingerie and bathing suits, people seem to wear a little less in February than any other winter month. They come in to get waxed for their special events. They’re happy and excited because they’re indulging.

I also see clients who are struggling with work, school or the down sides of life. Our winter days can get so dreary and it’s easy to slow down and get little depressed. When I have a client come in and they’re feeling less than fabulous, I try to get them talking about something they indulge in: hobbies, favorite movies, upcoming birthdays, anything positive and uplifting. I sometimes suggest they buy themselves a new lip color, bright nail polish or a cute new pair of boots.  Something new, different and a little frivolous. Retail Therapy is an easy form of indulgence and it REALLY helps!

We’ve got a few more months of the gray weather. Don’t let it get you down. Love yourself, give yourself something new and fun, indulge yourself. Make an appointment with your hair stylist. Buy some bubble bath or a scented lotion. Order your own flowers for V-Day. Go to lunch with a friend. Splurge on an afternoon latte. Order that necklace you’ve been denying yourself. Find your favorite song online and crank it up!

Treat Yourself – Indulge

I’m going to finish indulging in my lunch, then I’m going to indulge in that afternoon latte. Nothing huge, nothing major, but something that’s going to make me feel great.

What are YOU going to indulge in?




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