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This question often comes up during someone’s first service and people are often surprised by the answer.


No, not every person, but all types of people. All ages, races, religions, sexualities, income levels, professions – all of them.  I guess you could say Brazilian waxing is Equal Opportunity.  Heh.

The one thing all of these people from so many  walks of life have in common is they simply don’t like hair “down there.”  It’s cleaner, smoother and beats the pants off of shaving!

While we have a lot of men who come in for Brazilian waxing, the majority of our clients are women.  Normal, everyday women who are mothers, daughters and wives.  Women who are skinny, women who are fat (yep, I just said that), old women and young women.

There is no “type” of person who gets a Brazilian wax.  Everybody’s doing it!