What do you call “Her”?

When people ask me what I do for a living, I sometimes go directly for the throat on shock value and tell complete strangers, “I wax vagina all day.”  I do love the look of surprise when I blurt out the word vagina.  Most people aren’t that comfortable with it.  I mean, even our over-sexualized media has a problem with the V word.  Have you seen the episode of Bob’s Burgers where Linda joins a picket line? She chants “Boys are from Mars, Girls are from Venus, I got a yum-yum, You got a penis.”

Yeah – you can get away with penis but not vagina on public television.

I’m not going into the social/psychological/metaphysical/whatever-ical topics this can branch off into.  There are plenty of people already focusing on all of that.   I want to have a little more fun and play the “Let’s Name Our Vagina” game!

I’ve heard some pretty good ones in my career.

A client and her husband were sitting at a bar having a drink and she mentioned her upcoming appointment.  He said he was starting to wonder when she was going to take care of her “angry orchard.”

Two weeks ago I had a new client who was quite shy even though she was used to getting a Brazilian wax.  When I asked her why she was so nervous about getting undressed, she replied, “I don’t go around showing my fine china to just anyone.”  I LOVED that one!

A long-time client came in after getting into a tanning bed for a tad too long.  She said, “I don’t know if we’re going to be able to wax today.  I burned my princess.” Just writing that still makes me laugh.

We’ve heard so many: kitty, hooha, wahoo, betty, witchie, vajayjay, chacha, vaj, vee, pink taco…

Oh so many names!

We’d love to hear more.  So….what do you call your hot box?? Pop on over to our Facebook page and post your favorites!




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