Waxing – Top Five Do’s and Don’ts

Summer is right around the corner, I’m sure of it. So let’s get that pasty, fuzzy skin into shape for the summertime frolicking!  Forget the razor, waxing is the way to go and here are some great tips to ensure you have a great waxing service.

Do Numb It
There are many things you can do to increase the comfort of your service.  Take an ibuprofen or Tylenol 30 minutes before your appointment.  Ask your waxer if they have a desensitizing cream they can apply before the service.  You can also do this yourself to give it more time to absorb into the skin.

Do Seek Professional Help
Look for an experienced esthetician, preferably one who specializes in waxing – especially if you’re getting a Brazilian. Experienced waxers use the best wax for the job and have proper technique, ensuring that you feel and look great afterwards.

Do Exfoliate
Sloughing off dead skin helps prevent ingrown hairs. Use a loofah or sisal washcloth in the shower EVERY time! There are also some great products that you apply that will further help reduce and eliminate ingrown hairs. Be sure to ask your waxer if these products are right for you.

Don’t Wax at Home
It sounds like a great idea, but waxing yourself isn’t as easy as it sounds – especially if you’ve never been waxed before.  If you are an avid do-it-yourselfer, this is a project best left to professionals. Save yourself from pain, bruising and raw skin – seek help!

Don’t Spray Tan Before You Wax
This may sound funny, but we’re coming into summer and a lot of people want a little color BEFORE the warmer days finally make their way here.  If you must spray tan and wax, wax at least 24 hours BEFORE you spray tan.  This will ensure your tan is even – and sticks around a little longer.

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