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Let’s bust some waxing myths!

We’re not as cool as the original peeps on Myth Busters, but we try. Here we go!

Myth #1 – Waxing makes your hair grow back coarser

The biggest waxing myth we hear is that waxing makes your hair grow back coarser. This is absolutely not true! Waxing removes the hair by the root and the hair follicle must then regrow itself before it can start to grow another hair. That first hair is pretty puny compared to one that’s been growing for years. And many of our clients who stick to a regular waxing routine find that their hair thins out over time, sometimes it even stops growing back!

I love using this analogy to help people visualize how hair grows:

Imagine tending your lawn. You see that dandelion popping up and you just mow over it. And…it comes back the next time. After a while, you’re sick of mowing over that same dandelion, so you reach down and pull it. That dandelion root is HUGE! It took some effort to pull that bad boy too. But, next time you mow…it’s not there. When it finally does start growing back, it’s smaller, so easy to pluck out of the ground. And eventually, that little weed may stop growing back!  

Your hair grows much the same way. It needs that root to grow a new hair. If you keep pulling that root out, the hair doesn’t have a change to become coarse like it used to.  And if you continue with a regular waxing routing, the hair regrowth becomes less and less each time. This is why waxing is loved by so many- because it actually makes the hair grow back thinner and less and less with each time you wax.

Myth #2 Waxing causes wrinkles and skin stretching

We get this question a lot from women concerned with aging. They fear that the pulling associated with waxing will stretch their skin. Gravity causes us enough grief; we don’t want to add to it! But most people wax just once a month or so. The very short and quick process isn’t enough to cause wrinkles and stretching. Signs of aging are caused by regular, daily activities such as applying and removing makeup and, of course, the natural aging process. Waxing is not a culprit here. Myth Busted!

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