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As we head into our busy season, we start seeing more skin issues.  Many of our clients suddenly develop ingrown hairs and other sensitivities.  We call it ingrown hair season around here.  Why?  There are several reasons.

Exercising after a waxing appointment. People start working out more to get in shape for bikini season.  Summer is fast approaching and everyone wants to look good nearly-naked.  But getting waxed before a workout leads to problems.  After waxing, the hair follicle takes some time to shrink and close up.  Sweat from heavy exercise can block follicles.  When the hair starts to regrow, it’s can’t break through to the surface and becomes ingrown.   TIP: Do not work out for 24-48 hours after your waxing appointment.

Wearing tight clothes.  Leggins, jeggings and tights hug your skin and can restrict air and minor blood flow.  Wearing tight clothes after your waxing appointment keeps the skin from breathing.    If you must wear tight clothes, don’t wear them the day you get waxed.

The crazy spring weather.  It’s Oregon and our springtime weather is insane!  We can see hail and rain and 45 degrees, and then sun and 70 degrees – all in one afternoon! This time of year it gets hot and dry, then cold and wet, and our skin has a hard time adjusting the all those fluctuations. Warm and moist, cold and dry – I’ll be your face freaks out too.