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The Three Waxing Siblings

When it comes to waxing, there are so many terms out there that it can get confusing. You can boil it down to three different types of services: the bikini wax, French bikini wax, and the intimate Brazilian wax.

A bikini wax is basic, it removes the hair on the inside of the thigh that sits outside of the bikini line. Imagine your regular bikini bottoms, what we are going to do is wax 3 finger widths outside of that bikini line as well as the top and right inside to take care of any embarrassing hairs. You will end up with a nice clean triangle.

The French bikini can be thought of as the middle child between the bikini and Brazilian. The French bikini comes in pretty tight, coming right up to the labia but not taking any hair off there. On the top we take all the pubic hair down to a one or two finger width landing strip or a tiny triangle on top. Basically it’s a one to two finger width strip that goes down and leaves the hair on the labia, sort of a tighter version of a basic bikini.

The Brazilian wax removes all of it. While the vast majority of clients take it all off, some clients leave a little up top with a triangle or landing strip and some want a full bush on top and everything else gone. Interestingly, we have found that these aesthetic choices don’t have anything to do with age. The amount of hair that stays or goes is really just personal preference. With a Brazilian wax we take all the hair from the top, all the hair off the labia and we wax the entire crack.

With a basic bikini wax you can leave your underwear on, with the French or Brazilian we prefer you remove it. It makes it much easier for us to get in there and do our work. There is no sense in modesty- we have seen it all and we are comfortable with everything.

When people start out with waxing we do recommend coming in every 4 weeks to get into the routine. You’ll be able to see how the hair growth happens on your own body. Once you notice how your hair grows back you can start to push out your waxing schedule to every 5 or 6 weeks based on your personal preference.

What style of wax you get truly depends on personal preference, but if you are going to wax, you have to do it regularly. Every hair on your body is on its own timeline,watching their own clock, and growing how they want to grow. When you wax, you pull the hair out and remove it at the root which is why it hurts so bad. When you do that, every hair that’s in an active growth cycle at that point resets its timeline. Regular waxing gets all of your hair growing on the same timeline and allows for those nice, smooth no-hair weeks. The more regular you are about it the longer those weeks will last. If you aren’t consistent on your waxing then you aren’t going to achieve those results, so we suggest setting a schedule and sticking to it.

With Brazilians we offer a maintenance price that is $20 less than your first visit. We don’t do packages because sometimes life happens and we don’t want to lock you into something that might cause you to lose money if you can’t complete your package.