Skincare tips for wintertime!

We’re in the dead of winter. And you know what? Now is the PERFECT time to start a waxing routine!

Fall and winter are the perfect times to start a leg waxing routine. We like to cover up during our cold, rainy months here in the Northwest. And many of us just don’t keep up on the body hair situation this time of year. (Be honest with yourself – you skip a shave or wax once in a while.)

But when that glorious fiery orb in the sky blesses us with warm summer days, we can’t stand to be in long sleeves and pants. The last thing we want to do is grow out hair for waxing. So, keep it covered and make an appointment for those legs and underarms! Start now and say bye-ye to the razor this summer! Be hair-free and care-free at those outdoor concerts, floating the river and lovely Sunday hikes!

So – we’ve already confessed to letting our inner sasquatch out a bit during the colder months. I’ll bet many of you also tend to be a tad lazy about taking care of your skin this time of year. Kind of an out-of-sight-out-of-mind thing going on, yes? Wll, it’s really important not to ignore your skin with now. During fall, we start using heat in our homes, which drieds out our skin. We always recommend using a great moisturizer through the winter to keep your skin soft. This helps prevent ingrown hairs and other dry skin issues.

And don’t skimp on your exfoliating routines just because it’s winter and fall!  Because your skin tends to be drier, it needs a little extra help staying soft. We recommend a good sugar or salt scrub, a body brush, scrubby gloves, or a real loofa (not that pink bath puff in your shower). Keeping up on your exfoliating routing several times a week will do wonder for your winter skin.

Now is not the time to skip out on your regular routines. If you stay in your waxing routine and keep up on taking care of your skin now, your hair growth will continue to become softer and finer – and you won’t be cringing come spring!

We hope these tips help you keep your skin softer and get into the waxing routine that you have always wanted.




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