Magnet for Randomness…

On my website, I have a page for “randomness.”  While this may confuse some, those who know me well know that I attract the most interesting people and things to my life. And so I dedicated an entire page to the beauty of chance in my life.

Just this morning, my phone rang from a strage area code. I answered and this vibrant woman named Amy started throwing questions at me about my GalTime sponsorship. She was so full of energy! I loved it. 

After talking marketing, we talked about business. Products, services, blogging – a bit of everything. It was great. I’ve got a few new tricks up my sleeve now.

We exchanged numbers and email addresses and I hope we’ll keep in touch.  Amy owns LuxeBeautiQue in Boston, MA. She’s kind of entreprenuer I strive to be – friendly, forthcoming, transparent and passionate.

I am so thankful for the strange and random things that happen in my life.  The people I meet and adventures I have are what make living so joyous.

Thanks Amy for making my day!

This post originally posted on blogspot on 4/29/2011.




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