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Wow, it’s been a year already!

And what a year it’s been.

Cherry City Waxworks started as a name and an idea.  And now, 12 months later – TODAY – it’s a thriving business in downtown Salem.  Great location, beautiful view, brand new website and…we’re on target to hire our very first waxer in about 5 months!

While it’s just me doing all the waxing at Cherry City Waxworks,  I certainly don’t run the business alone.  I’ve had tremendous help from friends, family and clients. They’ve been my cheerleaders, idea machines, editors. They’ve gave me pep talks when I had doubts and they’ve kept me on the ground when I my ideas ran too wild.

Thank you to everyone who has had any part in making Cherry City Waxworks grow and thrive.  I feel so blessed to have so many great people in my life.  Here’s to the next year and the future beyond.

Be well, my friends.