Get Waxed. Feel Beautiful.

Happy New Year!

January is always a busy month for the beauty and health industry.  People are excited and hopeful about the coming year, promising great changes to themselves and their loved ones.  They’re ready to try new things and “step out of the box.”  Everyone wants to feel better in their own skin.

January is also a busy month here at Cherry City Waxworks.  We see many new clients trying waxing for the first time. For most, it’s a New Year’s resolution – they’ve always wanted to get waxed and they’re ready to take the plunge and give it a shot.  Our regular clients keep adding new waxing services to their regular appointments, banishing the razor from the shower for good.  Waxing makes people feel fabulous!

Which is why I always smile when clients ask me if it’s weird when they’re excited about their waxing appointment.  Not at all!  From the local baristas to famous actresses, we all feel beautiful and confident when we’re freshly waxed, and I absolutely include myself.  A fresh wax service gives everyone a great boost of confidence, whether it’s perfectly sculpted brows, smooth legs, or a full Brazilian wax.  Yes, we all look forward to feeling better about ourselves.

So, in the spirit of the New Year, give waxing a try.  If you’re already a regular waxing client, try a new service such as under arms, legs or bikini. Get your brows shaped by a pro. Or talk your man into getting his back waxed.  He might be surprised at how good it makes him feel.

Get Waxed and Feel Beautiful.





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