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I recently attended a seminar at the Chemeketa Small Business Development Center in downtown Salem.

Before I get into the seminar, I have to say that the people here are fabulous.  They have so many resources for small businesses; I can’t even begin to tell you about them all.  Suffice to say they’ve helped me a ton in working towards my business goals and I can’t thank them enough.

Okay, back to the seminar. It was a great one-hour class on managing stress in your life and I’ve been thinking about it since then.  The round-table discussion was stimulating and I learned a lot from the other local business owners there. I must confess that I’m a bit obsessed with work and sometimes my husband Taylor needs to remind me that it’s 7:00pm on a Friday and I should focus more on the glass of wine in hand than the numbers on the computer screen.  Fair enough. But it’s not a stressful obsession.  I’m obsessed because I love my business and, honestly, I love to geek out on statistics and marketing ideas and new products.  It’s hard for me to unplug because work is so much fun!

When I do take time away, I love working in my greenhouse and garden.   I love meeting friends for a movie and dinner. And, since we’re in the dead of winter, I’d love to know what YOU do to unwind and beat back the winter blues. Yes…I’m going to steal your ideas! And maybe you’ll find a great one here too.

Can’t wait to see you and hear about all of your adventures!