What’s the difference between waxes?

The other day we got a phone call from a waxer in Alaska. (Yes, even people who enjoy those sub-zero winters like to stay smooth.)  She has a client moving to the area and wanted to make sure she was going to be in good hands.  She read all of our great reviews on Yelp so she called to check us out. Her biggest concern was what kind of wax we use for Brazilian bikini waxing.  She was relieved when Erin told her we only use hard wax specifically designed for Brazilian waxing.

Is there really that much difference in waxes?  OMG YES!!!!

I’ve been waxing for more than 11 years.  I’ve worked in many salons, done thousands of Brazilians and used dozens of waxes.  There is a difference.

Soft wax, or strip wax, is what people think of when they think of waxing because that’s what they see in all the movies and YouTube videos.  Some sadist smears on hot wax, smooshes on the strip and then rrriipps it off in a storm of cursing, flailing and tears. I mean who hasn’t seen The 40 Year Old Virgin??

Then there’s hard wax.  It’s a lot gentler on the tender bits we like to keep smooth.  It grabs the hair and not the skin and hurts a lot less than soft wax.

Here at Cherry City Waxworks, we use hard wax for Brazilian waxing, facial waxing and underarm waxing. We use soft wax for arm waxing, leg waxing and back waxing. We strongly encouraged people looking for a new waxer to always ask what kind of wax they use.  If they tell you anything but hard wax for a Brazilian, don’t let them wax you.

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