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Are Your Brows the Best They Can Be?

When it comes to eyebrows it’s not just about tweezing or waxing them, it’s about getting them shaped by professionals. Anybody can tweeze or wax their eyebrows at home, but having them done professionally really takes the guesswork of your shape. A lot of women will look at their brows and say one looks different than the other. That’s true, as we always say eyebrows are sisters not twins. If you feel like your eyebrows don’t look quite right, it’s time to come in and let us handle it. Having your brows shaped by a professional enables us to teach you how to shape them at home or fill them in to flatter your face and your features in the best way possible. We are trained in face and eyebrow shapes and will work with your brows to compliment your face shape. Think of your brows as the frame of your face. If you look at the Mona Lisa, she doesn’t have eyebrows and she looks very flat. When someone with light eyebrows fills them in adds a little hint of color to them, it really feels more complete and brings out the rest of the facial features. It’s not just about your eyes, your eyebrows really encompass your entire face.


When were talking about growing out eyebrows, we talk about it differently than body waxing. If you get your brows done or you do your brows and they are over tweezed or over waxed or they are the wrong shape, growing out your eyebrows and growing in a new shape of eyebrows is kinda like growing in a bad haircut. There is going to be good days and bad days. So growing them in is not really a term we use a lot as far as brows grow. If you are growing in your brows you are working to make a new shape.

When a new client comes in we talk about their brow shape. Do they like their brow shape? Do they want something different? What are their concerns about their brows? From there we go over eyebrow hair length, width, shape, and color. Then we go into the process. We trim first then wax. If there are any stray hairs we will tweeze those, then finish by applying a calming lotion to the waxed area.

When you start to see all the little stray hairs and fuzz between your brows, you know it’s time to come in. For men its a little different. We have a lot of male clients that get their brows waxed. The great thing about coming in here is when you leave you will still look like a dude. We keep a more natural look with most men. Generally we aren’t going to do all the sharp crisp lines that we often do with women. As with women, we work with you to find out what is going to work best for your face and look.

It’s a fairly quick appointment, fifteen minutes and you are out the door and on your way. There will be some discomfort, after all we are pulling hair out from the follicle. However, in general it is more of a discomfort than pain. You should expect some redness for a couple hours after waxing but it is well worth it.

Please read the following important COVID-19 information before you schedule your appointment:

•  Our lobby is closed until social distancing guidelines relax, so we ask that you arrive at the salon shortly before your appointment time and text us at 971-301-4854. Please wait outside or in your car until we text you that your waxer is ready to see you.


• If you have had a cough, fever, shortness of breath, or have been in contact with anyone with these symptoms or anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past 3 days, we will need to reschedule. State guidelines require that we must wait to reschedule until any or all of the following requirements: 1) At least 72 hours after symptoms have resolved without any medication 2) At least 14 days after being in contact with someone with these symptoms and/or 3) At least 14 days after being in contact with a person with COVID-19.

• Per state guidelines, we are utilizing all required Personal Protective Equipment. We are adding a temporary $5 PPE fee for each appointment until this equipment is no longer required or necessary. While we always operate at the highest cleanliness standards, we are taking all necessary measures to maintain a safe and clean environment.

• We require each guest to wear a mask while in the salon. If you are receiving facial waxing, you can remove the mask just during that service and put it back on during any other non-facial waxing services. If you forget your mask or do not have one, we have masks available.

• Unless previously arranged, only clients with appointments will be allowed in the salon and only for their appointment time.

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