Brazilian Waxing & other kinds of waxing explained…

_MG_2089Quick quiz – name one woman you know who would get up, get ready and walk out the door without combing or brushing or fixing her hair?

I don’t know any.

Not one.

Every woman I know takes great pride in making sure her hair looks fabulous – washed, brushed and styled before she ventures out to work, meet friends or even exercise. Women spend hundreds of dollars every year to cut, color, perm, weave … our hair. And whenever someone asks us where we get our hair colored or if we got a new haircut, we are eager to share what we did or where we go.

Then there’s a woman’s pubic hair.


Pubic hair – the “Hair Down There.”

The carpet that (doesn’t always) match the curtains.

The hair that shall not be named in polite conversations.

At Cherry City waxworks, we talk about pubic hair all day long. We know why it’s such a big deal. But hair is hair. And regardless of where it grows, it needs to be properly cared for and properly styled. And our pubic hair philosophy is simple: fast, expert waxing in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Whether you are planning a summer spent swimming or by the pool side or a sizzling summer romance, now’s the time to make an appointment to get your pubic hair styled.

At Cherry City Waxworks, we have three types of wax services just for your pubic hair.

Bikini wax – Think of the bikini wax as the shy sister. The one who is home at 11:45 p.m. when curfew is 12:30 a.m. She’s the one who colors in the lines, is polite and demur and wants things just right. The bikini wax tidies up the top and sides, hitting just inside a standard bikini bottom. We make sure the lines are clean and nothing will show so when you go to the pool party, you know you’re taken care of.

French bikini wax – Is the middle sister. The one who acts innocent but has a flair for pushing things just to the edge. A French Bikini is the halfway point between the basic bikini and the Brazilian wax. This service removes most of the pubic hair in the front, leaving a triangle or ‘landing strip.’

Brazilian bikini wax – Is the wild sister who doesn’t care about what people say about her and does what she wants. She’s the first to try anything. A Brazilian bikini wax removes all the hair from front to back, leaving you silky smooth. Some clients prefer a little hair for show and we can shape that into a triangle or the traditional ‘landing strip.’

A word of caution. While waxing might seem like a great DIY project, this is not something you should do yourself. Save yourself the pain and get waxed by a professional. It’s worth it, I promise.




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