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Brazilians Aren’t Just For Ladies: About The Male Brazilian Wax!

In past posts, we’ve touched on dudes getting waxed. Let’s dig in and talk about Male Brazilian waxing! It’s more popular than you might think and not nearly as painful as it sounds. I know most men are terrified about having hot wax anywhere near the family jewels, but we are very technical, very clinical and try to make it as quick and painless as possible. Our male clientele is growing – we actually have quite a few men that come in for Brazilian waxing. There a lot of men that you would never think of coming in every 4 weeks to get cleaned up. We always have clients who are surprised by how easy it is!

When talking about male waxing, we must address the elephant in the room. No pun intended. Well…maybe it was. So, let’s talk about the big “E.”  The fear of getting an erection during the waxing service is right up there with the fear of the pain. And, sometimes that happens – especially the first time. However, it’s pretty much gone by the time the client is on the table with hot wax on and we’re taking that first pull to tear that hair out! (Good visual there?) The shock of the whole experience usually takes care of Little Willy. We try to make every client very comfortable and relaxed and try to keep things as casual as possible while being very professional and technical with our work, so it’s not usually much of an issue.

Many of our male clients come in saying “my wife made me do it,” but realize how amazing waxing is and continue to keep getting waxed for themselves. They just feel so much cleaner, especially doing the backside and the crack. It goes along with the rest of a self-care routine, just like the monthly haircut and beard trim. More men are finding the benefits of waxing and really enjoying it.

How does it all go down? With Brazilian waxing (regardless of gender) you undress from the waist down, but don’t need to get completely naked. Just to keep your shirt on, take your pants off and lay down on the table. We’ll walk you through the process and keep you chatting so it’s over before you know it. There is a lot of handling – we get all up in your business and we do move things around and hold things taut. But we are gentle, and try very hard not to cinch or pull more than necessary.

What’s included in this Brazilian wax, you ask? About half of our clients take off all the hair. That means everything on the top, the shaft and the sack, then up the crack in the back. Don’t be shy fellas, we’ve seen it all. We tend to try and wax up to a natural break in the hair growth so it’s not as obvious where the waxing ends. Some men are fuzzier and don’t have that natural break and there’s going to be a wax line, no matter what. For aesthetic purposes, those men tend to leave more of the hair up top so they don’t look like they are wearing nude bikini briefs. They will just wax from the base of the shaft, down the sack and then between the cheeks up the crack.