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Many women new to the wild world of waxing are concerned about getting a Brazilian wax.  Their reason – they don’t want to be bald “down there.”

Stop the Press

There are MANY versions of the Brazilian bikini wax. Most of our clients love to be totally smooth all over, but that’s not the only option. While I personally prefer a little turf on the playing field, I’m more than happy to oblige my clients by taking it all off.

The biggest thing that makes a Brazilian wax a Brazilian wax is the removal all of the hair from the labia and the butt crack.  That’s really it.  A traditional Brazilian actually leaves a small landing strip of hair just for looks and takes off everything else, including the hair up the backside between the cheeks.  We have clients that go for the full, manicured bush up top to a dainty little landing strip. There’s also the popular “Dorito Chip”, a tiny triangle, and the postage stamp.

We also have clients that like to switch it up sometimes, just like the hair on their head.  Recently, one of our regular bald girls came in and asked to leave a landing strip for her soldier boy stationed overseas.  She said he was coming home for leave and respectfully requested she leave a little for show.  The results were, shall we say, well received. 😉

SO!!! While the vast majority of our clients to go for the “I can wear a wet white bikini” look, if you’re feeling a little more Tom Selleck and less Vin Diesel, we can take of you.

Please read the following important COVID-19 information before you schedule your appointment:

•  Our lobby is closed until social distancing guidelines relax, so we ask that you arrive at the salon shortly before your appointment time and text us at 971-301-4854. Please wait outside or in your car until we text you that your waxer is ready to see you.


• If you have had a cough, fever, shortness of breath, or have been in contact with anyone with these symptoms or anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past 3 days, we will need to reschedule. State guidelines require that we must wait to reschedule until any or all of the following requirements: 1) At least 72 hours after symptoms have resolved without any medication 2) At least 14 days after being in contact with someone with these symptoms and/or 3) At least 14 days after being in contact with a person with COVID-19.

• Per state guidelines, we are utilizing all required Personal Protective Equipment. We are adding a temporary $5 PPE fee for each appointment until this equipment is no longer required or necessary. While we always operate at the highest cleanliness standards, we are taking all necessary measures to maintain a safe and clean environment.

• We require each guest to wear a mask while in the salon. If you are receiving facial waxing, you can remove the mask just during that service and put it back on during any other non-facial waxing services. If you forget your mask or do not have one, we have masks available.

• Unless previously arranged, only clients with appointments will be allowed in the salon and only for their appointment time.

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