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Handling Discomfort

“No Pain,  No Gain” “Beauty is Pain” “Life is pain, Heiness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.” Now we’re not your gym coach, we’re

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What can you expect?

You’ve checked out our website. You’ve read our Yelp reviews (the good, the bad, and the ugly). You’ve thought a lot about this and talked

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Waxing Myths Pt. 1

Let’s bust some waxing myths! We’re not as cool as the original peeps on Myth Busters, but we try. Here we go! Myth #1 –

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Eyebrow Waxing

Are Your Brows the Best They Can Be? When it comes to eyebrows it’s not just about tweezing or waxing them, it’s about getting them

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All About Leg Waxing

All About Leg Waxing Most of our leg waxing clients are women, but as with everything else we do offer male leg waxing as well.

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All About Underarm Waxing!

All About Underarm Waxing! I absolutely love underarm waxing! A razor simply cannot compete. Biggest Plus – you don’t have to worry about razor burn.

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