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All About Underarm Waxing!

I absolutely love underarm waxing! A razor simply cannot compete. Biggest Plus – you don’t have to worry about razor burn. And bonus for people with dark hair – waxing gets rid of that shadow that’s always there no matter how often you shave. Since waxing removes the hair from the follicle, there’s no five o’clock shadow when you raise your arms. Such joy! It’s going to be a nice smooth skin tone the whole way down. And it’s liberating to lift your arms and not worry about stubble or if you missed a spot.

I always urge brides to grow that hair out and wax their underarms for the Big Day. Especially if you are wearing a strapless dress, but even light-colored dresses (like, you know, white) will amplify unkempt underarm hair or stubble. It can really help your confidence on your special day. Everyone is looking at you! And your photographer will love not having to touch up your underarms in pictures. Grow it out and come in and have it waxed, I promise you will love it.

The above advice also applies if you are planning a special vacation to somewhere sunny. Grow it, wax it, and leave that razor at home. (You can’t take it on the plane anyway.)

I always have clients say they feel like their underarm hair grows faster than any other hair, and they’re right! Underarm hair grows faster than any other hair on the body. In the summertime our regular underarm waxing clients come in as often as two or three weeks, in the winter they stretch it out their visits to every 3 or 4 weeks.

Are you ready to try out underarm waxing for the summer? Now is the perfect time to start! Your hair will need to be at least 1/4 inch long, which is usually a week to 10 days growth for most people. For your comfort, wear a tank top and we recommend wearing little or no deodorant the day of your appointment.

Grow those puppies out and give it a try! You’ll never go back to shaving.