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All About Leg Waxing!

Most of our leg waxing clients are women, but as with everything else we do offer male leg waxing as well. Usually if men are doing a leg wax, it is more common that they are doing the upper thigh with a male Brazilian. The most common leg waxing for women is either lower leg from the knee down, or the whole leg from the hip to toe.

Our leg waxing does include feet and toes, although that is a separate service if you just want your feet waxed. I personally think it’s strange and funny to do a leg wax, but leave hair on your feet and toes. So we just go ahead and include it.

Leg waxing is a commitment, We get a lot of clients coming in in May or June wanting to start waxing their legs. I always tell clients that the best time to wax your legs is in the wintertime when you aren’t wearing shorts and skirts all the time. Any other kind of body waxing can be a one and done kind of thing but with leg waxing you have to do it multiple times to really see the benefits of leg waxing versus shaving. It’s just the way the hair grows, its a bigger area and the hair grows differently than everywhere else on the body. I always recommend clients that want to start leg waxing start anywhere from October to February or March to get into the routine before we get into sunny weather. You need two or three appointments before you get in a regular schedule and the best, smoothest wax.

For your first appointment your hair should be a minimum of 1/4 inch long which is usually 2-3 weeks of growth. I personally like to see 4-6 weeks of hair growth on legs, the longer the hair, the better the wax. If you come in between the 2 and 3 week growth range what typically happens is we get the vast majority of the hair, but their are still some little hairs that are too short to wax resulting in a bit of unwanted stubble. Going four to six weeks between appointments is pretty typical with most clients are coming in every four weeks. We have plenty of clients that just don’t ever shave. They won’t wax their legs for the winter time and then in March or April will start coming in and get on a regular waxing schedule through September or October.

With leg waxing, clients will take off pants or wear a skirt that they can lift to wax. They are allowed to keep underwear on, we aren’t going into the bikini area. For legs we use a soft wax with wax strips to remove hair. We will cover a large area with wax, then come through and remove it with a wax strip. The entire process for a full leg is about 45 minutes and a half leg is usually about 30 minutes.