About Cherry City Waxworks

This is your team at Cherry City Waxworks, and we’re as dedicated to giving you the best waxing experience as a group of Swifties decoding Taylor’s latest tune. Like the Scales of Libra, we delicately balance between casual and professional. But that’s not something we can sell you on, you gotta see for yourself why so many belong to the Cherry City Waxworks Fan Club. We cannot wait to meet you!

Meet the Team

We’re masters with mad skills and great customer service in a safe, comfortable atmosphere is at the heart of everything we do.

Each waxer braves the same gauntlet of hands-on training, and brings a special flavor of personality to the table. So, take a chance on romance and schedule with everyone to find the person you connect with.

CCW Waxing Team


As our captain of the Cherry City Waxworks Command Center (front desk), Josephine loves being up in the mix and interacting with our clients. Hailing from a big family and being the middle of five (!) kids, Josephine keeps our waxing studio running like a well-oiled machine. She loves getting to know every client – from our teens experimenting with brow shaping, to those with a few more ‘blonde’ hairs to wax.

Outside of the studio, she can be found working on various crafting projects, or reading snuggled up with her two dogs. Don’t hesitate to share your latest book recommendation with Josephine or ask for one when you come into the studio!


As a trained aesthetician, Camille sees each client’s boost in confidence that comes with normalizing body hair. Camille loves how good her clients feel after their waxing experience. When out of the studio, you may find her hiking or spending time with her big, beautiful family.

She is also the studio’s resident ‘crazy-cat-lady’ with SIX furballs of her own. You are guaranteed to have a purr-fectly wonderful experience when you book an appointment with Camille!


With years of experience at Cherry City Waxworks, Magda appreciates all the connections and relationships she has built with her clients along the way. Looking forward to having her own family, she enjoys taking care of all the mommas that come in… including moms-to-be, mothers taking time for self-care, and grandmothers who spoil their children’s children.

A true-blue introvert, Magda recharges with lots of quiet time writing or reading. She has a small infatuation with the paranormal, and likes to talk about many off-beat TV series. Spend some time with Magda and you will leave feeling a little more ethereal.


Our long-time clients remember Destiny running our front desk, but she’s our most tenured waxer! Destiny obsesses over the details of her work while she enjoys getting to know you. She appreciates the wide-variety of people that walk through our doors – public servants, entrepreneurs, stay-at-home parents, retirees…you get the idea.

Share your favorite tune swirling around in your head with Destiny. She loves exploring new music, especially anything international or live. Book an appointment with Destiny and your time at Cherry City Waxworks will flow like your favorite tune.


You might hear Maisy before you meet her. She shines like the sun on a summer day and we adore her electric energy! Maisy is a fast-talker with a soft touch. With her gentle touch and quick wit, you’ll be done before you know it. Out in the wild you might run into her at the thrift shops hunting for that sweet, sweet vintage score.

As an avid Napoleon Dynamite fan, Maisy wants you to know if you’re like Pedro and realize it’s your hair that makes you hot, don’t shave it off! Visit Maisy to talk a little fashion and leave with feeling light and energized.


One of Mattie’s favorite parts about being a waxer is helping people all day. If you’re a little nervous about your appointment, or you’re brave enough to try waxing again, Mattie’s calm, fluid demeanor will immediately set you at ease.

Her minor obsessions with all things Disney means she’ll treat you like royalty, even though she is more of a Ms. Vanellope von Schweetz (for those Wreck It Ralph fans). Book an appointment with Mattie, she will make you feel luminous at Cherry City Waxworks.


Every organization needs a captain at the wheel to hold the course through challenging (errr pandemic) times. And that infamous powerhouse is the one, the only Jazmyne. While she’s rarely in the waxing room these days, she keeps up with the pulse of the daily rhythms at Cherry City Waxworks. She works closely with her incredible team to ensure you feel cared for every time you walk in the door.

While she may not be in the studio on a daily basis, she’s hardly living a life of leisure. She stepped away from the waxing table to follow another passion and launch a career in coaching and personal development. She is a certified Life Coach and Executive Coach, and recently earned her credentials as a Gallup Global Strengths Coach.

On the rare occasion Jazmyne isn’t working, she’s coddling her exotic plant collection. And it is something to die for… literally…she has several carnivorous plants and a corpse flower!

What Our Clients Say


"Fast, professional waxing! They make you feel comfortable, and value your business and time. If you're going to get waxed, go all out and get the Brazilian!"




“My wait for my appointment was basically non existent – and even though I was a bit early, was welcomed in. They were efficient, professional & friendly and really made the appointment as welcoming as possible. Happily booked a follow up appointment! Would definitely recommend them to anyone!”




“I’ve gone to CCW for years. All the girls are professional, efficient and so much fun! I’ve gone to other places in town and in Portland to get waxed and have never felt as comfortable as I do at Cherry City Waxworks.”

- KAT P.

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