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I have been a really bad blogger lately. I have neglected my February promise. I am deeply sorry.

Seriously, it’s been nutty as usual. But nutty in a really great way. Business at Cherry City Waxworks has been steadily increasing, we have added 1 new amazing waxer, Sarah, and our fabulous receptionist Erin has come on full-time. And we recently learned that our lovely Julie is expecting a baby in December!!!

I must admit, I have been pretty focused on getting everything in line for our busiest summer months. And I’m taking a few days off during the 4th.  I don’t have kids, but I have an inkling of how mothers feel when they leave their children to go away for a while. I really LOVE being at the salon. I love talking to my clients. I love problem solving and creating a place that is fun and peaceful and pleasant.  And while I know the time away is needed and I’ll come back better than before, I still feel guilty, like I’m abandoning my girls and my clients.

As a business owner, I feel a tremendous sense of responsibility. Every day I think about how Cherry City Waxworks is responsible for 4 people’s (including my own) livelihoods. That amazes me. I feel an obligation to give great service to the clients that trust us and return to us expecting an excellent service. I feel a sense of obligation to the community. I feel like I have told the public that we provide a certain experience, and it is our duty and responsibility to consistently provide that experience. It’s amazing. I love the fact that I had a dream, a little dream compared to some, but still a dream, and people got on board, and believed in me, and now here we are. It’s really humbling.

As we scream into summertime, keeping clients (and each other) smooth and ready for those warm sunny days that are right around the corner, we’ll keep our noses to the grind, our eyes on the horizon and our ears to the ground.  Keeping this well-oiled machine moving never gets old.