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On my website, I have a page for “randomness.”  While this may confuse some, those who know me well know that I attract the most interesting people and things to my life. And so I dedicated an entire page to the beauty of chance in my life.

Just this morning, my phone rang from a strage area code. I answered and this vibrant woman named Amy started throwing questions at me about my GalTime sponsorship. She was so full of energy! I loved it. 

After talking marketing, we talked about business. Products, services, blogging – a bit of everything. It was great. I’ve got a few new tricks up my sleeve now.

We exchanged numbers and email addresses and I hope we’ll keep in touch.  Amy owns LuxeBeautiQue in Boston, MA. She’s kind of entreprenuer I strive to be – friendly, forthcoming, transparent and passionate.

I am so thankful for the strange and random things that happen in my life.  The people I meet and adventures I have are what make living so joyous.

Thanks Amy for making my day!

This post originally posted on blogspot on 4/29/2011.

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This decision is driven by the most current information from federal and state officials.

Our re-opening date is uncertain and will be based upon governmental recommendations.

The health and welfare of our community is Cherry City Waxworks top priority.

This decision reflects the values of our clients and reiterates our collective commitment to the greater good.

We can’t wait to see you all again.

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