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Brazilian Waxing- Not Just for Women

Brazilian Waxing- Not Just for Women

Brazilians Aren’t Just For Ladies: About The Male Brazilian Wax! In past posts, we’ve touched on dudes getting waxed. Let’s dig in and talk about Male Brazilian waxing! It’s more popular than you might think and not nearly as painful as it sounds. I know most...
Men Get Waxed Too

Men Get Waxed Too

When women ask me, it’s usually in a whisper with a touch of astonishment in their voice. Is it normal …? Did you know …? Do you ever …? Why do they wax? The “they” is men. And yes it is normal for men to wax their bodies from their eyebrows to their toes and...

We miss you!

Cherry City Waxworks has made the difficult decision to close temporarily beginning March 23, 2020.

This decision is driven by the most current information from federal and state officials.

Our re-opening date is uncertain and will be based upon governmental recommendations.

The health and welfare of our community is Cherry City Waxworks top priority.

This decision reflects the values of our clients and reiterates our collective commitment to the greater good.

We can’t wait to see you all again.

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