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Brazilian Waxing & other kinds of waxing explained…

Quick quiz – name one woman you know who would get up, get ready and walk out the door without combing or brushing or fixing her hair? I don’t know any. Not one. Every woman I know takes great pride in making sure her hair looks fabulous – washed, brushed and styled...

Tips for a beautiful (non) bush

As we head into our busy season, we start seeing more skin issues.  Many of our clients suddenly develop ingrown hairs and other sensitivities.  We call it ingrown hair season around here.  Why?  There are several reasons. Exercising after a waxing appointment. People...

What do you call “Her”?

When people ask me what I do for a living, I sometimes go directly for the throat on shock value and tell complete strangers, "I wax vagina all day."  I do love the look of surprise when I blurt out the word vagina.  Most people aren't that comfortable with it.  I...

Words of Power – Indulge

Mirriam-Webster defines indulge as to give free reign to; to take unrestrained pleasure in I love the word indulge.  It just sounds decadent, even a little naughty. Indulge I don't think we indulge ourselves enough, or for the right reasons.  We feel we have to...

Brazilian Wax? Not as painful as it sounds!

It’s February and Valentine's Day always brings in a ton of new clients – most for the famous Brazilian Wax. Most of our new clients are also new to body waxing.  They’re nervous, curious, and even a little scared. They've heard stories from friends, read about it on...

Please Nominate Us for Best Waxing in the Valley!!!

Yep, that's right!  The Mid Valley "People's Choice" awards are underway! The Statesman Journal is accepting nominations NOW. Click Here to nominate us.  It'll only take a minute...promise!!  Just follow this link and choose "shopping and services" to nominate us for...

Brazilian does not mean Bald

Many women new to the wild world of waxing are concerned about getting a Brazilian wax.  Their reason – they don’t want to be bald “down there.” Stop the Press There are MANY versions of the Brazilian bikini wax. Most of our clients love to be totally smooth all over,...

The Problem With No Shows

Oh, the dreaded No Show. It is the fear of every person who works by appointment. A No Show is when a client simply doesn’t show up for their appointment. No call, no email, no smoke signal. Nothing. And here we are, waiting and wondering, like a girl who got stood up...

Looking Back and Blazing Ahead – Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!! Okay, so I’m a tad bit late on the Happy New Year thing.  But with good reason!  The first 10 days of 2014 have pretty awesome.  It’s taken me this long to sit down, review last year’s goals and numbers and see how we did.  I’m going to go ahead and...

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