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Handling Discomfort

“No Pain,  No Gain” “Beauty is Pain” “Life is pain, Heiness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.” Now we’re not your gym coach, we’re not spinners of fairy tales, and we’re certainly not The Dread Pirate Roberts. We’re waxers. We’re not going to lie...

Skincare tips for wintertime!

We’re in the dead of winter. And you know what? Now is the PERFECT time to start a waxing routine! Fall and winter are the perfect times to start a leg waxing routine. We like to cover up during our cold, rainy months here in the Northwest. And many of us just don’t...

What can you expect?

You’ve checked out our website. You’ve read our Yelp reviews (the good, the bad, and the ugly). You’ve thought a lot about this and talked to friends. You’re FINALLY ready to get on the waxing table! But you still don’t know what to expect. You find yourself wondering...

Waxing Myths Pt. 1

Let’s bust some waxing myths! We’re not as cool as the original peeps on Myth Busters, but we try. Here we go! Myth #1 - Waxing makes your hair grow back coarser The biggest waxing myth we hear is that waxing makes your hair grow back coarser. This is absolutely not...

Eyebrow Waxing

Are Your Brows the Best They Can Be?When it comes to eyebrows it’s not just about tweezing or waxing them, it's about getting them shaped by professionals. Anybody can tweeze or wax their eyebrows at home, but having them done professionally really takes the guesswork...

All About Leg Waxing

All About Leg Waxing! Most of our leg waxing clients are women, but as with everything else we do offer male leg waxing as well. Usually if men are doing a leg wax, it is more common that they are doing the upper thigh with a male Brazilian. The most common leg waxing...

All About Underarm Waxing!

All About Underarm Waxing! I absolutely love underarm waxing! A razor simply cannot compete. Biggest Plus - you don't have to worry about razor burn. And bonus for people with dark hair – waxing gets rid of that shadow that’s always there no matter how often you...

Brazilian Waxing- Not Just for Women

Brazilians Aren't Just For Ladies: About The Male Brazilian Wax! In past posts, we’ve touched on dudes getting waxed. Let’s dig in and talk about Male Brazilian waxing! It’s more popular than you might think and not nearly as painful as it sounds. I know most men are...

Cherry City Waxworks has a new booking app. Download it today!

Cherry City Waxworks mobile app for Android and Apple. Forgive me Marilyn Monroe but diamonds aren’t always a girl’s best friend. Especially nowadays in the age of smart phones. What a girl really needs is a killer App. And Cherry City Waxworks is happy to announce we...

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